2018-08-09 Gutierrez

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Doors at the highest price are not always the most suitable. Perhaps they have many functions that are not needed, for example a waterproof coating that is not required for a door to an apartment, or electronic systems.

  • Find out what the price is for; decide if you need it all.
  • Also, a large price can be at the doors brought from afar, when on the way to the outlet there are many intermediaries.
  • Find out if there is a local manufacturer of quality entrance doors.
  • It will be cheaper to take products directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse. You can turn to his dealers, which for sure will be more economical, compared to visiting a retail outlet where everything is sold.

Expensive front door

  • Good metal and resistance to burglary
  • Too cheap doors for certain will be poor-quality – thin-metal, opened canning knife, with crumbling locks and accessories.
  • The entrance door is designed for a long service life. Too much to save with its acquisition is not worth it, as it will cost itself more.
  • The acceptable thickness for the front steel sheet of the entrance door is considered to be a value of 1.5 mm, since for the opening of such a thickness of a strong steel, tools with energy supply are already needed – Bulgarian, fire-cutting.
  • But the thickness of the metal of 3 mm or more makes the door already heavy, uncomfortable, and just dangerous. Experts agree that too heavy doors, in general, there is nothing – metal is destroyed by the same methods.
  • Another thing is the multilayered coverage. The combination of metal with wood, MDF, strong plastic significantly complicates the process of destruction of the door leaf.
  • The entrance door is covered with wood veneer, has increased resistance to burglary, but is also much more expensive.
  • Resistant to breaking doors also have a porch of the front steel plate, – it closes the gap between the door leaf and the box, prevents breakage of the door with crowbar.
  • Resistant to breaking the steel door

Choose insulated doors

A lot of heat can escape through the front door, especially if there are leaks along the contour and a draft. During operation, often seals are broken, break from the seats. It is recommended to monitor their condition, repair it on time, which is not difficult at all, so as not to lose heat for free. The Dover upvc front doors have all these traits.

For our climate with harsh winters, the best option is to install a double entry door. And the second door can be a lightweight, wood-based frame structure.

Quality and durable locks

The door with many bolts, entering the bottom and from below and from above, according to the experts, not many win. It is much more important that there is no easy access to the locking mechanism so that the door and the lock can withstand force breaking.